Client Testimonials

Breakthrough work is truly almost inexplainable, there is nothing I can compare it to. Working with Brenda in breakthrough work is life-changing. It is the “longest shortcut” to a better life. It’s no quick fix but even in a few short months I feel like my life is drastically different and improved in so many ways. It’s given me trust and confidence in myself and in the future. It’s allowed me to let go of things I didn’t even realize were so deeply affecting my life.

Without a doubt, this work is worth the time, effort, commitment & “cost” and I already so strongly see the shifts happening in my life and how my perceptions have changed and my ability to manage my state in the moment.

This one-on-one work has given me so much love, support, and guidance. It’s like finding a true partner and mentor and friend on a path to finding myself, my purpose and passion and I am incredibly grateful. Brenda has helped me make more progress in a matter of months than I had made in years trying to figure it out on my own.

Marissa – Medical Sales Representative

For me, the most significant breakthrough was getting out of my own way. Self-criticism and limiting thoughts were holding me back. I knew I needed to do the deep work to make a long-lasting change. I was sick of where I was. I was sick of being stuck. I was sick of wasting money on programs that didn’t work.

I was really struggling with sales. Brenda helped me release those negative emotions and install a new mindset about sales. I got connected to who I am, what my purpose is, and my voice. Soon I started signing contracts, getting new deals, and even unexpected money showed up in my bank account.

Brenda’s work just works.

Audrey – Retail Strategist

I initially hired Brenda in 2019 to help me work through some limiting mindset beliefs that were affecting my business. Well, it turned out that I’d uncover so much more. Working with Brenda started to instantly shift things for me after just our first session. After every course I take from Brenda or every one-on-one session, I have new layers of understanding. I can better look at all the things happening in my work and life, stay curious about events and manage my emotions. And I know that when I effectively manage my emotions, I can create better results for myself.

My relationships are more rewarding, and I know how to set and actually achieve bigger and better goals for myself.

The knowledge I’ve gained about NLP has helped me tremendously in my business and in my writing. Things like writing a book now feel easy and effortless, and I have Brenda to thank for much of that.

Jacqueline – Author, Copywriter and Writing Coach

Brenda’s incredible techniques get results. Before working with Brenda, I never felt I was good enough, and I think I used to repel clients. Just a few months after I started working with Brenda, I did 15 times more sales than the previous quarter for my ex-company, and they fired me because they didn’t want to pay all the commissions I made. Brenda helped through that transition, and in within a few days, instead of feeling angry or hurt, I felt free.

With Brenda’s support, I launched my own business less than a month later that did $200,000 in a year. In fact, the last 12 years of my sales career were filled with anxiety, fear, and restlessness. Brenda helped me release decades of unworthiness and fear. Now those are things of the past. I feel more certain, joyful, free, and fulfilled. I’m making huge strides toward what I want, and it feels amazing. Joining Brenda is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Maxine – Small Business Owner

Working with Brenda has been the best gift I’ve ever given myself. It was truly an act of self-love. Brenda helped me heal parts of myself that I didn’t realize needed healing.

She helped me with my business mindset and with my mindset around personal relationships. I was able to forgive my mom and myself, and this helped me heal my relationship with my mom before she passed.

I went into coaching with Brenda to become a better entrepreneur, and I came out a better version of myself overall.

She truly cared and believed in me, which contributed to my success.

Vanessa – Business & Money Strategist

By starting within, and with Brenda rooting for you each and every single step of the way, the changes are truly transformative. I am so grateful for the continued abundance and prosperity that keeps flowing to me as I open up to allowing and receiving. And a big part of that is how much “safer” I feel, how much more aligned I am, and how congruent I feel. As Brenda has mentioned, it is simple – not always easy, but simple, effective, and practical. It really is transformative — and the claim is real!

Mylene – NLP Coach & Mentor

Brenda continues to awaken a very beautiful place within me, one that has been there all along but kept hidden by different roles I “professionally” played. I continue developing specific entrepreneurial qualities, making me more effective as a business owner from a soulful level. It has changed the way I look at things and I am excited to realize my entrepreneurial aspirations. Once I peeled back the layers and worked on my mindset and eliminated the limiting beliefs my relationships and revenue skyrocketed to….$115,000+ revenue in 1.5 months!!

Tanya – Realtor & Master Coach

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